Automation and Control

Imagine what you can control

Control every aspect of your home from almost anywhere.

Key Advantages

Cost Savings

By utilizing devices you already own (iPad, iPhone, Android) we don’t feel pressured to sell you hardware you don’t need. But we also understand that certain people just want a hard button remote, so we offer as line of remotes to fit your project and budget.


The power of the new Savant app allows users to make certain changes without having to call a programmer. Don’t like the picture of the room? Take a new one from your phone or tablet, and set it from within the app. There is no other software on the planet that allows this type of customization to the end user.


By offering a “fully modular” system, we can scale a solution that is the perfect size. Designing it this way allows for expanding the system at any time.

Key Features

Two way feedback

With two way feedback you can check the status of compatible devices. You can see if the lights are on in the bedroom, or monitor how loud the television is in the game room from anywhere on the network.


IOS and Android compatible, whether tablet, smart phone or both!


Full integration of iTunes with-in the App. You don't have to leave the app to control iTunes

One App to control it all.


With an integrated lighting system, we can set the mood to any occasion. Each room, or entire zones can be programmed to come alive for any setting. In fact, our software is so powerful, that if you find a lighting scene that you love, you can save it with a few button presses without ever having to call a programmer. Better customization and less cost for our customers is what makes a Noise Frog system better than our competition.


Imagine pushing a single button on your phone or tablet and having an entire room come alive. All of your lights come on to the perfect settings, the shades close, and your room starts playing your favorite playlist. With Savant, our only limit is your imagination.


Controlling your home from a single App is what Savant is all about. With full Nest integration you can monitor and adjust the heating and cooling of your entire home.


Manage your Security system, arm, disarm and receive alerts. Monitor security cameras in any room, and outside the house, from anywhere.

Imagine what you can control.