Cool Gadget: The Twist Lightbulb Speaker

Had to post about this fun little gadget that Lance heard about. It's an LED lightbulb that has a powerful speaker built in to it! Pretty cool. They say it provides premium lossless audio and the bulb has a 15-year lifespan, so dropping $129 on one doesn't hurt too badly. 800 lumens and it can connect to your WiFi. At the very least, having a few of these in your living room would be an interesting way to surprise your guests. Even though they aren't set to be released until early 2016, once they are, let us know what you think via Twitter: @noise_frog

Reserve one before they sell out, visit their website,

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Interesting Little Article via

It's always a treat to sit down on a Sunday and dive into recently published articles on the Smart Home and Home Automation industry. The technological advances are fascinating and very exciting. It is easy to get caught up in "Jetsons fantasies of telepathic robot helpers", imagining your home, office and business completely controllable using a mobile device. This future is not far off and the benefits are nearly endless. Here is a link to the article: EmersonVoice: Simple Truth About....


Origin Acoustics

As we've done in the past, we like to highlight a company or product that we have worked with and were impressed by. Presenting Origin Acoustics, a group with over 100 years of experience, they are designing, developing and innovating new products and technologies. Website:Origin